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From a very early age I have always been interested in Natural History and in particular insects.  I can recall clearly the very first purchase I made as a young child - Swallowtail larvae from the renowned butterfly collector and breeder, L Hugh Newman from Bexley in Kent.  I was so happy when I eventually reared the caterpillars (feeding them on carrot tops) and they became beautiful Swallowtail butterflies.  From this I progressed to keeping stick insects and then to all different kinds of insects.  

I loved to go to the pond at the bottom of our field and watch the newts and other pond creatures swimming around in the crystal clear waters.  Butterflies were in abundance on the grassy, flower filled mounds created when the top soil was removed for the extraction of sand and gravel around our village.  Sadly the pond at the bottom of the field is no longer there, and all the gravel workings were filled and returned back to agricultural fields with the resulting loss of all the wildflowers and butterflies!

My interest in Natural History, and keeping and breeding insects, is still as strong as ever and I hope I can pass on my experience to younger generations.  Please do e-mail me if you require any help or further information on the items we offer for sale.

Paul Taylor

Stick Insect kit

Our stick insect rearing kits are very popular, at times we have trouble with keeping up with demand!!  They also make ideal Christmas presents!